Tow Truck Driver Demographics and Statistics in the US

US Tow Truck Drivers: Demographics, Statistics & Insights

The tow truck driver profession plays a vital role in our daily lives, but how much do we really know about the individuals behind the wheel? 

In this captivating blog post, we’ll dive into the demographics and statistics of tow truck drivers across the United States, giving you an insightful overview of this indispensable occupation. And don’t forget to check out our conclusion, where we’ll showcase LITGEAR’s LED tow operator safety vest – the ultimate accessory for any tow truck driver!

Tow Truck Driver Population and Gender Breakdown

Currently, there are about 31,948 tow truck drivers employed in the United States. Interestingly, 95.6% of them are male, while a mere 4.4% are female.

Gender Wage Disparity & Average Earnings

Even within the tow truck driving field, a gender wage gap exists. Women earn 92 cents for every dollar earned by men. On average, male tow truck drivers make $37,807 per year, whereas their female counterparts earn $34,834.

Ethnic Diversity Among Tow Truck Drivers

Tow truck drivers come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, making it a diverse profession. The majority (58.8%) are White, followed by Hispanic or Latino (20.2%), Black or African American (11.4%), unknown ethnicity (4.8%), Asian (3.9%), and American Indian and Alaska Natives (0.9%).

Age Demographics: Seasoned Professionals

The average age of tow truck drivers is 47 years old. However, the average age varies slightly depending on ethnicity and gender. An impressive 72% of drivers are 40 years or older, while only 9% are between 20 and 30 years old.

Educational Backgrounds & Income Disparities

The majority (57%) of tow truck drivers hold a high school diploma, followed by associate degrees (15%), diplomas (14%), bachelor’s degrees (5%), and other degrees (9%). Intriguingly, the income gap differs based on education levels. 

College/Associate degree holders earn more than those with just a high school diploma. However, bachelor’s degree holders top the list with an average salary of $38,939, followed by those with some college or an associate degree, who earn an average of $39,250. 

Unexpectedly, master’s degree holders rank last in this group, earning an average salary of only $36,247. Nevertheless, those with a high school diploma or less still manage to earn a respectable average income of $38,691.

Employment Sectors & Industries

Tow truck drivers work across a range of sectors, with 82% in private companies, 13% in the public sector, and 5% in government organizations. They find employment in diverse industries, from automotive to healthcare.

Unemployment Trends & Job Longevity

Between 2015 and 2021, the unemployment rate for tow truck drivers fluctuated between 3.45% and 5.44%. Regarding job tenure, 30% stay in a position for less than a year, while 6% remain for 11 years or more.

Language Proficiencies: Multilingual Experts

A significant 80.5% of tow truck drivers speak Spanish, while others speak languages such as Portuguese, German, French, and Carrier.

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