Introducing LITGEAR’s Breakthrough Tow Operator Safety Vest

New ANSI Class 3 safety vest features fiber optic illuminated strips and customizable ID panels to improve worker visibility and safety in all conditions

LAS VEGAS, NV – LITGEAR, LLC, a pioneer in LED-equipped safety gear and clothing, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Tow Operator Safety Vest. Designed to provide unparalleled visibility and safety for tow truck operators working in challenging roadside conditions, this Class 3 ANSI-approved illuminated breakaway safety vest is an industry game-changer.

A Revolutionary Approach to Tow Operator Safety

The Tow Operator Safety Vest features fiber optic illuminated strips that ensure visibility even in the most adverse weather conditions. With a USB rechargeable system, the vest charges in just 1.5 hours and can run for 8 to 10 hours on a single charge, providing tow truck operators with peace of mind during long shifts.

In addition to the illuminated strips, the vest offers optional illuminated ID panels, including “Trucker” and “Tow Operator.” Custom ID panels are also available upon request, making it easy for tow truck professionals to adapt the vest to their specific needs.

Safety Statistics Highlight the Need for Enhanced Visibility Gear

According to AAA, about 350 lives are lost annually when people exit a broken-down vehicle. The Emergency Responder Safety Institute also reports that at least 74 tow operators have died since 2019 in similar situations. A key factor contributing to this alarming statistic is the lack of adequate visibility gear for tow truck operators working in high-traffic areas and hazardous weather conditions.

Picture a tow truck operator working in a dark, rainy night. Without adequate visibility gear, they are at risk of being hit by oncoming traffic and other unforeseen hazards. But with the Tow Operator Safety Vest from LITGEAR, they can feel confident knowing that they can be seen for over a ¼ of a mile in adverse weather conditions.

The Future of Tow Operator Safety

LITGEAR remains committed to providing tow truck operators with the best visibility gear in the market. The Tow Operator Safety Vest is just one of the company’s many products designed to help tow truck operators work safely and confidently.
Looking ahead, LITGEAR is committed to driving innovation in the development of visibility products, pushing the limits to provide tow truck operators with cutting-edge solutions.  The company’s core of existence is clear: To make roads safer for all motorists, including those who spend long hours on the job.

A Word from The Founder 

LITGEAR’s founder, Michael Ejiawoko, shared his excitement about the new product launch, stating, “As a company committed to enhancing road safety for motorcyclists, construction workers, tow-truck drivers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts, we are thrilled to introduce the Lighted Tow Operator Safety Vest. This revolutionary vest is a testament to our dedication to delivering top-notch, advanced safety equipment that greatly improves personal safety and well-being,” says Ejiawoko.


Founded in 2014 and based in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area, LITGEAR specializes in LED-equipped safety gear and clothing for a wide range of industries and outdoor enthusiasts. 

For more information about the Tow Operator Safety Vest or LITGEAR’s other innovative safety products, please visit or call 702-541-6562.